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Informations sur l'industrie

Precautions when using copper sulfate to prevent aquatic diseases


Copper sulphate is often used for the control of aquatic diseases. Copper sulphate aqueous solution has a strong ability to kill pathogens, can be used in medicated baths, disinfecting fishing gear and preventing fish diseases. But many people don’t know how to use copper sulfate scientifically, resulting in a low cure rate for fish diseases.. Based on my experience in the prevention and control of aquatic disease for many years, I summarized the following points for reference.

1. Measuring the quasi-area Under normal circumstances, when the concentration of copper sulfate is less than 0.2 g/m3, there is no killing effect on the parasites of fish, but when it exceeds 1 g/m3, it will cause fish poisoning and death. When applying copper sulphate, it is necessary to accurately measure the water area and accurately calculate the amount of drug.

(2) Attention should be paid to the use of drugs (1) Although copper sulfate is soluble in water, it is not easily dissolved in cold water. Warm water must be used, and the water temperature must be lower than 60°C. Otherwise, copper sulfate will lose its efficacy. (2) The copper sulfate treatment time should be arranged at 4 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. It is not appropriate to immediately use the drug in the pond that has been splashed with soy milk.

3. Compatibility with copper sulphate for pesticide use must be combined with ferrous sulphate. Ferrous sulphate can play a synergistic role in increasing the penetration and astringency of the drug. If copper sulphate or ferrous sulphate is used alone, it will not have the effect of killing insects. The concentration of copper sulphate and ferrous sulphate mixture was 0.7 g/m3, and the ratio of 5:2, ie, copper sulfate was 0.5 g/m3, and ferrous sulfate was 0.2 g/m3.

4. Control of Hypoxia When copper sulfate is used to kill algae, algae will decompose and consume large amounts of oxygen after death, which will make the water in the pool anoxic. Therefore, after using drugs, be sure to observe patiently. If abnormal phenomena such as flooding ponds are discovered, they should be immediately filled. New water or aeration machine oxygenation and other measures.

5. The symptomatic use of copper sulphate can prevent fish diseases caused by algae, such as adherence of starch dinoflagellates and blue mud moss (filamentous algae), cryptocystitis, ciliate disease, Chinese scrofula, etc., but not All diseases caused by algae and parasites can be treated with copper sulphate. For example, copper sulphate cannot be used in echinococcosis and oviducts, because copper sulphate not only does not kill small melon worms, but also causes small melon worms. A large number of breeding; and the occurrence of egg dinoflagellate pond, the water quality is acidic, the use of copper sulfate will increase the acidity of pool water, stimulate algae growth, increase the fish's condition. Therefore, in aquaculture, copper sulfate must not be blindly applied, otherwise it will not only achieve the purpose of curing fish diseases, and sometimes it will also have a negative effect.

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